Anti Aging Procedures

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At what age should women start using an anti-aging cream?

Many young women start to use anti-aging cremes in their 20′s in an effort to get a head start on the process. It really depends on how much time you want to commit to your skin. If you feel like you can make time to apply the cream daily beginning in your 20′s, it’s certainly not going to cause any harm!

I’ve tried all sorts of products, cheap and expensive. I must admit that I was very pleased with Estee Lauder products but they’re too expensive for long term use. The truth however is that nothing I ever used got rid of the wrinkles. Don’t worry too much about the wrinkles. A person without wrinkles is a very sad person. No laughter, no tears, no emotions. Your wrinkles are part of you, of your life, what you’ve seen, done and felt.

Do take care of your skin for sure. Don’t throw your money away on false promises. Skin cream is going to make you feel a lot nicer for sure but it’s not an eraser. Cleans your face, avoid smoking, eat vegetables and fresh fruits.

Try using natural products on your face… like rubbing your face with the inside of an avocado skin, using a facial mask of egg yolk with a couple of drops of olive oil. Another way to give your face a fresh look is by mashing fresh fruit and spreading the pulp over your face for 15 minutes.